Reconstituted Limestone Blocks

Stoneridge Quarries produce reconstituted limestone wall and construction blocks & products, that are both very durable and versatile building products.

Reconstituted limestone blocks have thermal properties and acoustic insulation benefits that are suitable for use in both domestic and commercial applications.

The reconstituted limestone blocks are manufactured through a batching process similar to premixed concrete, by combining crushed and screened limestone with cement as a binder. The end product is a smooth textured block with defined edges. The manufacturing process delivers a higher strength product than a natural cut limestone block , allowing for a more diverse application for construction.

Stoneridge Quarries reconstituted blocks come in a variety of sizes and basic colours that include cream, grey and natural earth. Stoneridge Quarries manufactures bevelled edge reconstituted blocks that provide a textured finish to fences and walls.

Stoneridge Quarries also manufactures reconstituted pier blocks for building boundary fences as they provide structural integrity and unique street appeal.