Eco Cream

Eco Cream, the environmentally conscious option, for your feature or retaining wall. Replicating limestone colour and appearance and delivering a unique reconstituted wall and construction product. Produced by sourcing high quality excess building materials in the form of concrete, bricks, pavers, and quarried stone from construction and demolition sites. Subjecting the chosen materials to a stringent quality control process to assess their suitability, the approved materials are then crushed and screened to produce the correct physical requirements in shape and gradation. Reconstituted blocks are manufactured through a batching process similar to premixed concrete, by combining crushed and screened materials with cement as a binder. The end product is a smooth textured block with defined edges.  The combination of high strength and density parent materials produce a durable building product which is extremely versatile in the construction industry.  Eco Cream blocks are suitable for use in both domestic and commercial applications.

Stoneridge Quarries Eco Cream blocks come in a variety of sizes. Stoneridge Quarries also manufactures reconstituted pier blocks for building boundary fences as they provide structural integrity and unique street appeal.